Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Innocents at it really a swingers bar?

The trendy bar in my building, Absinthe,is rumored to be a swingers bar, I have no firsthand knowledge of this. But the Dallas Observer said the "code" was to ask for a green napkin.
Tonight they had a happy hour for residents. REcruiting?
The food was ladies lunch style--triangles of chicken walnut salad on wheat and egg salad. Plus veggies, fruit and brownies and rice-crispie squares for those on low fat diet. (I guess swingers have to watch their love handles)
But maybe this is like the early bird for the old folks in Miami so they can get people in and out (no pun intended) before the action starts.
I went there one other time with a tall handsome man. I noticed a young blonde woman staring at him. I told him I thought she was interested in him. He said, "no, she is interested in us."
I have been afraid to go back ever since.

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