Friday, February 03, 2006

A new neighborhood restaurant:Amuse

What downtown needed was a reasonable, classy restaurant. And Amuse fits the bill without overcharging. It is sleek and stylish with interesting choices and a cozy bar. I had a shaved turkey sandwhich with brie and cranberry sauce and walnuts. ($9). It included a choice of fries or grilled vegetables (my choice and very tasty) Each table is given a ceramic bowl of fried garlic pita triangle and a pesto dipping sauce
The sevice was terrific
I would go back even if I didn't live across the street.
It is on Lamar right across from the police station, near Giley's and Southside on Lamar, almost directly across from Poor David's.

Happy Chineese New Year

After nearly a month of eating, drinking and tasting chocolate in New York, I spent my last night with good friend and Bon Vivant and culinary consultant TJRobinson. We had dim sum in Chinatown and only when I arrived did I realize it was Chineese New Year's Eve. Very exciting.
Then we went to a new off-Broadway play, confessions of a Mormon Boy, a hilarious one-man show that I would highly recommend. The big shock of the show wasn't when he took off his underwear, but when he removed his hairpiece.
HIs buff body (The actor, not TJ) did not give away his age, but his bald palate made him seem older.