Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sudden eye surgery

I went for a rountine eye check up and my doctor Gene Wyll saw something he didn't like. So he scheduled me for Tuesday He said it was really minor and I would be okay the same day but the greasy stuff he put in my eyes made it hard to see for the rest of the day.
My friend Rochelle is taking me to the surgery.

super shopper does an instant replay

I was bargain shopping and I saw a red jacket I knew would be just perfect for my friend Rochelle Brown. I tried to call her to describe it--but I could not reach her so I just bought it because it "just looked like her."
We met for lunch the next day and Rochelle could hardly wait to see what I had gotten for her.
We went to my car and I proudly presented it to her.
She started laughing.
She said, "Madelyn, I have that jacket and I wear it all the time"
I guess I was right that it looked like her.
I must have seen her wear it many times.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Double your Pleasure

Two new restuarants nearly next store to each other and I tried them two nights in a row.
My gal pal group met at Olivers on the NE corner of Frankford and the Tollway. Yummy Mediterranean food and pizza at very fair prices. I loved my sampler salad. Sort of like Cafe Express only a better value and better food.

That night, I noticed another restuarant, ZOOM, which is Thai and Vietnamese. So one of my favorite eating buddies, Sue Parma and I tried it. Colorful place with sophisticated dishes.
I loved the fried duck with eggplant in coconut milk. Sue prefered the Ginger Pork. We also had a fried fish cake appetizer served with two dipping sauces and shrimp chips. We would have had dessert but the alarm at Sue's house went off so we rushed back to her place