Monday, December 25, 2006

What time does xmas start?

I am lucky to be part of the Belcher annual family dinner. John and Jan had it in their new house and it was great. Delicious.
The very organized Jan emailed everyone two weeks ahead with directions and the starting time of 1pm. Apparently I did not get the email.
Since I knew they came in late the night before from Atlanta--I did not want to call. But finally a little after noon, I checked in.
They were all waiting for me at 1pm when I finally arrived. If I had been a sports person, I might have known when the game started and could have figured it out from there.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I was a Matzah ball virgin

What does a nice single Jewish girl do on Christmas Eve? Not wait home for santa.
I had never been so I called my wise friend Paula. She went last year and said it was horrible and she would never go again. She said most of the attendees were closer to her daughter's age.

But they offered a 3 month member ship to eharmony and a nice sounding guy named Gary had contacted me from eharmony. But I could not respond unless I was a member.
So for the cost of one matzoh ball I got a free dinner and three months eharmony membership.

It was raining, so that may have affected attendance. But a Billard Hall like Ben's half yARD is not my idea of a ball.

The food was kosher and not bad--but not ready for about an hour. And my plan was to look around, eat, and probably leAVE. i MET A NICE WOMEN nAMED dEB WHO just moved from New Jersey.

Many of the men looked like they had been trucked in from a seniors home. Deb noticed they shuffled, rather than walked. We met a guyh named Ben who was missing all his front teeth. He told Deb she was beautiful. I was not crushed that he seemed uninterested in me.

SPAM to the world

I got 151 emails when I woke up this morning. Six were for me. The other 155 were offering me a larger penis, medicines, a quick way to get rich, stock market tips and more. I like the old junk mail from the US post office better. I started using Mail Washer and it does help. Would love to hear from anyone out there who uses a helpful spam program

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Inside Madelyn's Mind

Inside Madelyn's Mind

HAPPY CHANUKAH. Had real, home made latkas at my friend Paula JOyce's home. It was fun to share the holiday with her family and see her gorgeous art gallery of hand painted silks

How the Holidays have changed

In the past I got zillions of xmas cards and family news letters.
This year, I only got one holiday letter from a friend.
I did get a gorgeous card from Google with seasons greetings in a dozen languages.