Thursday, June 21, 2007

How is my mother???

My Mom fell on June 12. She fell onto a dresser and cut open her forehead and scrapped off skin from her leg. She may have also broken her nose.
She was taken to hospital in an ambulance because she was bleeding so badly.

Luckily, I was in Florida with a rental car and was able to drive right over.
The first night I was there, it looked like her eyes were hemorraging, she suddenly had big dark purple circles under her eyes
We called the doctor in the middle of the night. Doc had us go the emergency room where they told us her would had been incorrectly wrapped in first visit.

She has a slight concussion but is in good spirits.
She needs an aid full time to dress her wounds, change the bandages, and help her generally.

I hope to go back to help her after my grandbaby is born in first week of July.

I know this sounds like a Christmas letter, (actually, I think holiday letters generally have better news) but it was the only way I could easily tell everyone about her progress. I will post updates on my blog

Thanks for your concern.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The question everyone always asks me

Why did I start

I started because the magazine I was food and travel editor went bankrupt on the same day Rupert Murdoch bought the Dallas Fox Channel and decided no freelancers.

I had taken trips to Japan and Korea. Promised stories. But suddenly had no outlets.

My daughter was dating a web designer. He did the first version of

I never dreamed it would grow as large as it did. It was started before Travelocity

I started the other ones because has over 5,000 pages and I wanted to focus on other interests.