Monday, December 25, 2006

What time does xmas start?

I am lucky to be part of the Belcher annual family dinner. John and Jan had it in their new house and it was great. Delicious.
The very organized Jan emailed everyone two weeks ahead with directions and the starting time of 1pm. Apparently I did not get the email.
Since I knew they came in late the night before from Atlanta--I did not want to call. But finally a little after noon, I checked in.
They were all waiting for me at 1pm when I finally arrived. If I had been a sports person, I might have known when the game started and could have figured it out from there.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I was a Matzah ball virgin

What does a nice single Jewish girl do on Christmas Eve? Not wait home for santa.
I had never been so I called my wise friend Paula. She went last year and said it was horrible and she would never go again. She said most of the attendees were closer to her daughter's age.

But they offered a 3 month member ship to eharmony and a nice sounding guy named Gary had contacted me from eharmony. But I could not respond unless I was a member.
So for the cost of one matzoh ball I got a free dinner and three months eharmony membership.

It was raining, so that may have affected attendance. But a Billard Hall like Ben's half yARD is not my idea of a ball.

The food was kosher and not bad--but not ready for about an hour. And my plan was to look around, eat, and probably leAVE. i MET A NICE WOMEN nAMED dEB WHO just moved from New Jersey.

Many of the men looked like they had been trucked in from a seniors home. Deb noticed they shuffled, rather than walked. We met a guyh named Ben who was missing all his front teeth. He told Deb she was beautiful. I was not crushed that he seemed uninterested in me.

SPAM to the world

I got 151 emails when I woke up this morning. Six were for me. The other 155 were offering me a larger penis, medicines, a quick way to get rich, stock market tips and more. I like the old junk mail from the US post office better. I started using Mail Washer and it does help. Would love to hear from anyone out there who uses a helpful spam program

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Inside Madelyn's Mind

Inside Madelyn's Mind

HAPPY CHANUKAH. Had real, home made latkas at my friend Paula JOyce's home. It was fun to share the holiday with her family and see her gorgeous art gallery of hand painted silks

How the Holidays have changed

In the past I got zillions of xmas cards and family news letters.
This year, I only got one holiday letter from a friend.
I did get a gorgeous card from Google with seasons greetings in a dozen languages.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Inside Madelyn's Mind

Inside Madelyn's Mind


I woke up to the buzzing of the battery dying in my smoke alarm. I called the courtesy desk to come put in a new battery and rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.
But it took them a couple hours to come change it. By then I was awake and frazzled from the constant buzz.

the day went quickly downhill when my computer crashed. I spent all afternoon trying to get it back up. Geek Squad would take four days to get here and were expensive.
Sony was helpful and told me a website where I could download a patch.
It worked.

I am back on my computer and life looks a little better.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sudden eye surgery

I went for a rountine eye check up and my doctor Gene Wyll saw something he didn't like. So he scheduled me for Tuesday He said it was really minor and I would be okay the same day but the greasy stuff he put in my eyes made it hard to see for the rest of the day.
My friend Rochelle is taking me to the surgery.

super shopper does an instant replay

I was bargain shopping and I saw a red jacket I knew would be just perfect for my friend Rochelle Brown. I tried to call her to describe it--but I could not reach her so I just bought it because it "just looked like her."
We met for lunch the next day and Rochelle could hardly wait to see what I had gotten for her.
We went to my car and I proudly presented it to her.
She started laughing.
She said, "Madelyn, I have that jacket and I wear it all the time"
I guess I was right that it looked like her.
I must have seen her wear it many times.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Double your Pleasure

Two new restuarants nearly next store to each other and I tried them two nights in a row.
My gal pal group met at Olivers on the NE corner of Frankford and the Tollway. Yummy Mediterranean food and pizza at very fair prices. I loved my sampler salad. Sort of like Cafe Express only a better value and better food.

That night, I noticed another restuarant, ZOOM, which is Thai and Vietnamese. So one of my favorite eating buddies, Sue Parma and I tried it. Colorful place with sophisticated dishes.
I loved the fried duck with eggplant in coconut milk. Sue prefered the Ginger Pork. We also had a fried fish cake appetizer served with two dipping sauces and shrimp chips. We would have had dessert but the alarm at Sue's house went off so we rushed back to her place

Friday, April 14, 2006


I came home from an almost two week trip to Las Vegas and Red Mountain Spa. I had so much mail, I had to get a cart to take it all up. There was a handsome man in the elevator who I have never met. He said, "wow, you get a lot of mail."
I EXPLAINED that I was a journalist and most of it was stuff I did not want.
Then I tore open a mailer bag that contained the book EROTIC ENCOUNTERS. 21 pleasureable steps.
We both laughed.
And then he looked at my mail and package bins and noticed I had been sent some wine.
Don't tell me that is another thing you don't want, he kidded

Monday, March 20, 2006


My friend from Canada, writer Jane Cassie, wrote this poem for my birthday

It is that time of year again
To raise a glass of cheer
To you, our Travel lady editor
Who publishes all year!

As well as posting stories
Of our trips from earth to Mars
You demonstrate new strategies
With the added Google bars

This wish, it comes with gratitude
For the work that you display
You deserve some fun, dear Madelyn
On your very special day!

All the best –and have a blast in the year to come!

Cheers, Jane

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rochelle Brown birthday March 10

My friend Rochelle outdoes herself for every holiday. She always has eight Chanukah presents for me days before Hanukah starts. So this year, I decided to start working on her birthday weeks ahead.

I started buying dangly earrings for her while I was in New York in January. Then I bought a dozen plastic hollow easter eggs and tucked each pair into a matching color and then wrapped them in cellophone polkadot bag.

Then in honor of our favorite store, the six dollar store(now $6.47) I took their sigtnature yellow bag to a bakery and had them match the color on cupcakes and frost them with $6.47. The baker thought it was unusual, but complied.

I brought them to Catalina, where we were having lunch. They arranged the cupcakes on a platter with fresh strawberries. Rochelle laughed hysterically and the servers all wanted to know what $6.47 stood for.

Then we went over to the store and shopped and left the cupcakes behind.

Friday, March 10, 2006

March 4, my birthday and the perfect gift

My friend Rochelle Brown, really knows what I like. She called me on my birthday and said hurry over to the six dollar story, they have a new shipment. Of course I rushed over. And I found some great stuff. When I went to check out, Rochelle handed me a gift certificate. The perfect gift

Friday, February 03, 2006

A new neighborhood restaurant:Amuse

What downtown needed was a reasonable, classy restaurant. And Amuse fits the bill without overcharging. It is sleek and stylish with interesting choices and a cozy bar. I had a shaved turkey sandwhich with brie and cranberry sauce and walnuts. ($9). It included a choice of fries or grilled vegetables (my choice and very tasty) Each table is given a ceramic bowl of fried garlic pita triangle and a pesto dipping sauce
The sevice was terrific
I would go back even if I didn't live across the street.
It is on Lamar right across from the police station, near Giley's and Southside on Lamar, almost directly across from Poor David's.

Happy Chineese New Year

After nearly a month of eating, drinking and tasting chocolate in New York, I spent my last night with good friend and Bon Vivant and culinary consultant TJRobinson. We had dim sum in Chinatown and only when I arrived did I realize it was Chineese New Year's Eve. Very exciting.
Then we went to a new off-Broadway play, confessions of a Mormon Boy, a hilarious one-man show that I would highly recommend. The big shock of the show wasn't when he took off his underwear, but when he removed his hairpiece.
HIs buff body (The actor, not TJ) did not give away his age, but his bald palate made him seem older.

Friday, January 20, 2006

You know you are drinking too much when

I was at a trendy bar tonight, Pegu Club on HOuston to taste some Zuidam Dry Gin with James Levine.

I started the evening by going to the wrong bar--a Mexican bar right next store. I did not look closely at the address or name because it just looked like the right location. I told the hostess I was meeting a man I did not know. She said there were no single men there. (attention women looking for men)
She directed me to the bar. I sat down, realizing that for once I was early--and that explained why James was not there.
The waiter asked me if I would like a drink. I said, "NO thank you, I was waiting to meet someone who wanted me to taste some very special gin." The waiter tactfully said, "Really? You know this is a tequilla bar."
I waited a little longer. Looked around. Looked at the name on the matches.

But the plot thickens. I easily found James at the bar at Pegu Club. We laughed about having a little trouble finding each other. As we were chatting, another man came over. He asked me if I had been at Moda on Wednesday night.
I had been there tasting martinis and tapas.
Turns out he was the bartender at Moda and recognized me.

Am I going to get a reputation as a bar girl?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Researching cocktaills and Chocolate in New York

My friend Rochelle Brown called this trip a "yum", "burp", "o-o-o-oh" trip.
And I am also doing a little shopping.
The flea market people think I live here--I seem to be shopping so often. They recognize me.

Staying at Lucy Komisar appt 12th street at 6th Avenue

Jan 7 Saturday Greg and Gabrielle and Hope at Café des ARtists
Jan 8 Sunday wholesale jewelry show and flea markets
Jan 9 Monday wholesale jewelry show
Jan 10 Tuesday wholesale show
Jose Cuervo “easy entertaining” event with Sandra Lee
Jan 11 wed spend day with Danielle Eddy
Jan 12 thurs
JAN 13 friday
Jan 14 Phily
Jan 15 Phily
Jan 16 Monday
Jan 17 Tuesday
Jan 18 Wednesday Lunch Sanford TEller
antiques preview party
Jan 19 Thursday
Jan 20 Friday
Jan 23 Monday
Jan 24 Tuesday
Jan 25 wed afternoon Joyce Dalton 1pm upper east side 406/425-1920.

Jan 26 Thursday Spirit Launch at Hudson Hotel.
2:00pm on 1/26 sound for Sebor Absinth? We can meet with Jeremy (Jessica Sands)

Jan 27 Friday
Jan 28 Saturday flea markets
Jan 29 Sunday flea markets LUCY HOME


Passerby in Manhattan. Pop in and get a Cosmo made by its creator . (FROM ARDENT SPIRITS)
Manhattan's most sophisticated upscale cocktail lounges including The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Terminal, The World Bar in the Trump World Tower, and The Carnegie Club.