Monday, March 20, 2006


My friend from Canada, writer Jane Cassie, wrote this poem for my birthday

It is that time of year again
To raise a glass of cheer
To you, our Travel lady editor
Who publishes all year!

As well as posting stories
Of our trips from earth to Mars
You demonstrate new strategies
With the added Google bars

This wish, it comes with gratitude
For the work that you display
You deserve some fun, dear Madelyn
On your very special day!

All the best –and have a blast in the year to come!

Cheers, Jane

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rochelle Brown birthday March 10

My friend Rochelle outdoes herself for every holiday. She always has eight Chanukah presents for me days before Hanukah starts. So this year, I decided to start working on her birthday weeks ahead.

I started buying dangly earrings for her while I was in New York in January. Then I bought a dozen plastic hollow easter eggs and tucked each pair into a matching color and then wrapped them in cellophone polkadot bag.

Then in honor of our favorite store, the six dollar store(now $6.47) I took their sigtnature yellow bag to a bakery and had them match the color on cupcakes and frost them with $6.47. The baker thought it was unusual, but complied.

I brought them to Catalina, where we were having lunch. They arranged the cupcakes on a platter with fresh strawberries. Rochelle laughed hysterically and the servers all wanted to know what $6.47 stood for.

Then we went over to the store and shopped and left the cupcakes behind.

Friday, March 10, 2006

March 4, my birthday and the perfect gift

My friend Rochelle Brown, really knows what I like. She called me on my birthday and said hurry over to the six dollar story, they have a new shipment. Of course I rushed over. And I found some great stuff. When I went to check out, Rochelle handed me a gift certificate. The perfect gift