Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chanukah at Ikea..the multi-cultural meeting

My friend Rochelle Brown took me to the newly opened Ikea today for a Chanukah lunch. How cross cultural. A Baptist woman of color from the South take a nice Jewish girl from the Midwest to eat at a Swedish restaurant in Texas.
We had their marvelous meatballs and then looked for the sale. Not much was marked down, but then Ikea is generally such a good deal it was not too disappointing. I found some interesting gadgets, and then when we were checking out, Rochelle handed me a gift card for Ikea from her Aunt Bertie. It was a great present.

WE still have lots in common

I ran into an old sorority sister today at Ikea. I had not seen Paula Joyce in years--our pattern was that our paths would cross at some artsy event or speaker every five years or so.
When I asked what was new she replied, "I'm divorced" jubilantly. My lovely friend Rochelle, said nicely, "Oh, that is too bad." But I understood and said me, too, matching Paula's level of enthusiasm.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Bargains at California Girl

Two dollar separates. New things. Cotton and knit in black, navy, cream, red and hot pink.
California Girl is on Garland Road near Centerville.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays

AFter being home sick for five days, I was ready to get out. My friend Diane Teitlebaum invited me to join her family at her sister Lori's house for xmas Eve Dinner. By the time we got there, Lori was sick and so I never saw her. But the rest of us enjoyed a wonderful dinner with four desserts. The Lindt chocolates I brought were a big hit. I think I ate enough calories to make up for a week of not eating.,

Friday, December 23, 2005

I love Italian Farmers

My friend Diane Teitlebaum, the wine wizard, invited me to a dinner celebrating Slow Food and sponsored by farmers from Turin, Italy. The food and wine wine was wonderful--platters and platters of roasted vegetables, cheese in honey, carved vegetables, and wonderful wines. (Oh, I said that already)
It reminded me of the wonderful time and fabulous food I had in Italy and made me want to go back soon.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blue Artichoke

Tried a wonderful new lunch place in the design district with my friend Rochelle Brown. It had yummy soups, salads, sandwhiches and pasta in a sleek, sophisticated setting.
There are two antique buildings-- LOST and FOUND. One is black, the other is white.
The restaurant is in FOUND even though both Rochelle and I got lost finding it. Address is 1225 INdustrial. It is only open for lunch.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why I am freezing cold

Dallas is not really prepared for cold weather. So when the roads freeze, we all panic. I decided to stay home and just snuggle in. Good idea--except the heat in my building went out.
I kept moving the heating thermastat up and it seemed like it was getting colder and colder.
I drank hot chocolate.
I sipped Hot Chai Tea
I made chicken noodle soup.
Even food did not solve the problem.

I bundled up with four sweaters which made it difficult to work on my computer with frozen fingers.

I finally had a service call and now I know what the problem is. The heat wasn't on

Thursday, December 01, 2005


iF ONLY I had a prom to go to. Or a few more holiday parties. I cannot believe the beaded dresses and separates at the SIX DOLLAR STORE.

Stephen told me they were getting it in,,,but I had to check it out first before I sent this out. He has 7,000 beaded things so there is enough for all my friends and all my friends friends.

These are so gorgeous and so cheap I thought about buying lots and cutting them up and making pillows or bedspreads.

The store is 1505 Wycliff. (between Stemmons and Irving) across from the Anatole.

There is another one on Camp Wisdom Road near the old Red Bird Mall, next to Office Depot