Sunday, August 28, 2005

I had a chance to test drive a Hyundai Sonata

I had never been to the tExas Motor Speedway--and then on Tuesday I had a chance to test drive the all-new 2006 Sonata Hyundai.
I loved it. About a dozen or so Automotive Writers met at the Doral Tesaro for breakfast. After a presentation on the new features, we picked our cars. Following detailed maps, we toured the area and then met at a park to get drinks, snacks, and change cars and drivers.

The most exciting part came at the end when at the Texas Motor Speedway, race car instructors joined us in the cars to demonstrate the braking and manueverability.

Pretty exciting stuff for a girl who failed drivers ed because she had an accident in the drivers ed car. But that is another story.

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