Sunday, August 07, 2005

Travellady is Grounded

After ten years of touring the world, meeting the best chefs, sleeping in the best beds, I am temporarily grounded from a car accident.
I was innocently stopped at a traffic light, when a young kid in the next lane rear-ended me so hard two other cars stopped in front of me were involved.
It took two emergency people to open my car door.
The car was totalled.
A tow truck came and took it away.
If you ever have an accident, do it in a rental car. It is a no hassel, no worry way to get rid of it.
I mean you do not have to wait for repairs, etc.
The young man who hit me was sited for negligence, but he then drove away.

I am sentenced to a year of physical therapy and lots of paperwork with insurance companies, doctors, car rental people and etc.

Instead of going to exotic destinations, I now visit doctors office and wait and wait in their waiting rooms. Instead of a glamourous life, I am not redefined as damaged goods, a person whose time is worth nothing.

The most annoying thing about going to the doctor is the forms. Each doctor has you fill out the same information about when you were born and where you live. There should be a scanner machine and a chip for this. You could get carpal tunnell just from filling out forms.

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