Sunday, August 28, 2005

Is there a 'HIT ME" target painted on my forehead

AS I was leaving my building on Tuesday morning (the day after my exciting time on the Texas Motor Speedway) a van backed into me in the parking lot. He had an earpiece in and seemed to be on a cellphone. At least he did not hear when I honked and honked. The car behind me honked and honked.

When the guy finally realized he had hit me, he got out and said, "I did not see you." I guess he was deaf and blind, but I was sure glad there was a security guard behind me to witness it.

At first he said he did not have his insurance. When I said that I would then call the police, he found his insurance in his glove compartment.

But most annoying of all was after we exchanged info, he said, "Now will you back up your car so I can park." I told him he would have to drive forward as he should have in the first place as there were cars behind me and we could not all back up just for him. He hit the gas and sped out.

I could not believe I had another accident. My friend Marilyn McCray told me her accident story

>Hi Madelyn,
>I hope your back is feeling better. I had a similar accident when I
>lived in Rochester. The day I was released from care, I was sitting in
>the very same intersection which was the scene of the crime. Looked in
>the rear view mirror only to see a car looming large on the horizon.
>The person who hit me that time was a med student who had been on a 36
>hour shft. Word to the wise, don't return to the scene of your original
>Hope you will feel better soon. Sad to think of the Travel Lady being

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