Monday, August 22, 2005

Oops no postings from Tale of the Cocktail

Am I hung-over from five days of drinking cocktails? No, just exhausted from trying to travel with a bad back. I never thought about how much energ it takes to travel. I came home late Saturday and crashed all day Sunday. I forgot where I left my car and got a ticket.

Went to doctor today and did not get much else done. I seem to get behinder every day.

The good news is I got another invite to Italy, and this would be my third trip in less than a year. I also think I got invited to Germany.

And I still have not unpacked from New Orleans


antthony307 said...

hey madelyn
whats up... we miss you in los angeles.. come back soon.. we would love to take you out on the town..
take care of your back:)

antthony307 said...

hey madelyn
we have lovely designers in los angeles that would love to see you in their fashions..when are you touring again?

Travellady said...

Thanks for the invite Anthony. I buy your clothes all the time. I just bought a wonderful blouse of yours for Rochelle Brown of Fox TV.