Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Will Queen Elizabeth's Underpants sell higher than other celeb Underpants?

We all know Victoria’s Secret but what’s the Queen Mum hiding? When looking to surprise your loved one this holiday season, why not look to the latest trend in undergarments…celebrity underwear auctions!

Prince sold a pair of briefs on a video set for $20. Michael Jackson’s tighty whities started off with a bid of $1 million on eBay. And Queen Victoria’s royal undergarments went for $9000. Now the auctioneers at Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers are hoping to re-create the magic of the “Victoria’s Secret” sale with the announcement of the sale of Queen Elizabeth II pair of underpants.

Predicto Mobile, the largest paid mobile subscriber community with over 2 million nationwide active users voting on popular topics in the current news, celebrity world and sports determined that 76% of the public believes that Queen Elizabeth II's underpants will sell for over $9000 while the rest believes it won’t.

Will a pair of underpants that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II go for more than $9,000 at auction by 2/1?

No – 24%

Yes – 76%

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