Thursday, December 16, 2010

Male Habits during the Holidays

In these trying economic times, it’s no surprise that one of the top New Year’s Resolutions for men in America is to save money. But a shocking new study shows that while men want to reign in their expenses, they'll still splurge when it comes to their sweethearts, even if it's at the expense of dear old mom. According to a nationwide poll conducted by Maxim Magazine and Hornitos™ Premium Tequila, a whopping 46% of men are planning on spending upwards of $350 on the women in their lives this holiday season, but at a breakdown of $250 for significant other and a mere $100 for mom.

The data, culled from more than 3,000 men offers a rare glimpse into the male psyche and the holiday habits of the typical, male instigator. Aside from gauging holiday spending habits, questions were asked about men's favorite holiday movies, how many parties they will attend this holiday season, the one gift they want to receive most and many more.

Among the results:

- The top New Year’s Resolution for this year is to save cash (44%), with only 36% of respondents resolving “hit the gym more.” Fortunately for Snooki and the gang, a mere 9% vow "to quit watching 'Jersey Shore'," so we can assume the series is safe for Season 3.

- 46% of guys claim they’ll spend $250 on gifts for their significant other and only $100 on gifts for their mom. Maybe it's time for a reminder of how she took care of you when you were sick in the 4th grade!

- While holiday instigators are planning on spending big bucks on gifts (and expect the same in return), booze far outweigh their interest in electronics and gadgets, with a substantial 63% of men picking a bottle of premium tequila as their most wanted gift this season over an iPad (21%) or xBox (9%). And don’t you dare get him clothing, as only a mere 7% want to receive duds this holiday season!

-Angelina Jolie is the number one fantasy date to the typical guy’s office party (48%) besting Natalie Portman (19%) and Megan Fox (20%) by more than double.

- The holiday cult classic and oft-marathoned “A Christmas Story” (46%) handily beat out “Big” (21%) and “It’s a Wonderful Life” (20%) as the instigator's favorite holiday film, proving every man, no matter the age, still covets a BB gun.

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