Monday, October 04, 2010


Eat. Drink. Be part of something BIG. Texas-size. Save the world. Your tab (81% of it) goes directly to improve the energy efficiency of our host - LaGrange on 10/13 from 5 pm to midnight. Below is the flier for the event. Share it with friends. .

Participate in the first-ever Texas Carrotmob at 2704 Elm Street in the historic Deep Ellum neighborhood and support the community.

As you know, there are a lot of social issues to worry about, and a lot of concerned citizens worrying about them. However, we’ve found that a lot of the methods out there to enact change are often very negative, too difficult or impractical for the average person to participate in, or simply ineffective.

Enter the concept of Carrotmob: what if we created a situation where businesses and consumers helped each other out? What if we directed conscientious consumers to a specific store to make the same purchases that they normally make everyday already—and in return for the benefits the business receives, the business would promise to put some of the additional profits towards solving a social issue? Well that, my friend, is Carrotmob.

First, we partnered up with Net Impact DFW and TEDxSMU Idea Week teams.

Second, we put a bid out to 12 Dallas restaurant and bar owners asking them to bid a percentage of 10/13 gathering towards increasing the energy efficiency of their place.

Third, we gathered some brilliant minds and formed the first-ever Carrotmob Charette team of energy efficiency professionals to make recommendations to the restaurants how to do more with less.

There was tough bidding going on. The highest bidder was LaGrange, at 81.5 percent of revenue being plugged back into their business for energy efficiency improvements.

We just miss the secret sauce - YOU - to come and make the money rain on LaGrange.

Follow our blog at to see the "how, when, who, why". We will make this event a huge success, spectacle and FUN. All you have to do is show up.

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