Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween treats



Give trick-or-treaters a real treat this Halloween by filling plastic pumpkins and pillow cases with some of America’s best known and loved candies. Every kid likes something different and the candies and snacks mentioned below deliver a variety that will satisfy any preference. This year, don’t throw out left-over Halloween candy— just use these tips to prevent post-Halloween pig outs. Find out how to repurpose leftover candy in creative new ways at home, at school or at work!

For the little “chocoholic”:
Skip the chocolate bar and give them something more this year! Sun-Maid® Milk Chocolate Raisins marry sun-drenched Sun-Maid® California Raisins with the finest, creamiest pure milk chocolate for the perfect balance of goodness and delectability. Sun-Maid® Milk Chocolate Raisins are a good source of potassium, fiber, calcium, iron and protein and are unsurpassed in quality. Available in fun size packs just for Halloween! For more information, visit

For kid who loves fruit snacks:
Welch’s® Fruit Snacks are packed with delicious flavors and made with real fruit and fruit juices! These bite-size snacks satisfy a kid’s cravings while still providing 100% of your daily value of vitamin C and 25% of vitamins A and E. Welch’s® Fruit Snacks are fat free, gluten-free, contain no preservatives and are available in a wide range of flavors including Mixed Fruit, Berries ‘n Cherries, Island Fruits, Strawberry, Fruit Punch and Concord Grape. For more information, visit

For the sweet kid who loves something a little sour:
Sour Jacks® is mouth puckering candy that is chewy, sour, sweet, and most importantly, fun to eat! Original variety includes classic flavors like cherry, lemon, orange, and lime. Choose between original and Watermelon to find their favorite. Sour Jacks® are a fat free snack and have been one of America’s favorite candies for more than 15 years. For more information, visit

Try these tasty, easy and fun tips for Halloween parties, Halloween–themed lunchbox treats and leftover candy ideas.

For your child’s lunchbox: Surprise them with something unexpected!

• Add together 1 cup of each: Fisher® Milk Chocolate Peanuts, Sun-Maid® Milk Chocolate Raisins, chopped dried Apricots, dried cranberries, bite-size pretzels, rice or corn cereal squares, dried banana chips, salted sunflower seeds and salted Fisher® cashew pieces. Mix all ingredients together and you’ve got Sun-Maid® Milk Chocolate Raisin Fun Mix! Store in a sealable container or zip-top bag and pour into a bowl for everyone to share, or keep stored in a cool place and grab a handful whenever the mood strikes.

For after-school celebrations: Be the coolest mom with treats that are sure to wow any sports team or activity group!

• Add Sun-Maid® Milk Chocolate Raisins to your favorite Oatmeal Cookie recipe to add flavor, texture and nutrients like potassium, fiber, calcium, iron and protein!

• Kids love fruit snacks and they love cupcakes, so why not combine the two? To make a Welch’s® Fruity Cupcake, simply make your kids’ favorite cupcakes and top them off with any flavor variety of Welch’s® Fruit Snacks for a chewy surprise in every bite.

Make any party a hit, during or after Halloween: Serve the treats that will delight a crowd at any party!

• Put out a bowl of Welch’s® Fruit Snacks pouches and you’ve invited vitamins A, C and E to the party! This is also a great portable snack that allows guests to mingle and munch without having to camp out at the snack table.

• Toss 4 oz. of Sour Jacks® into a bag of already made microwave popcorn and shake the bag to mix together for a treat that’s a little salty and a little sweet (serves 2-4).

• Stir 1 oz. of Sour Jacks® in with 4 oz. of vanilla ice cream to create your own Sour Jacks® Swirl ice cream (serves 1).

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