Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peter Pan still Soars

Peter Pan was the first musical I ever saw. My mother was a culture maven and she took my brother and I to children's theater, art exhibits, educational movies and more. We grew up with a great appreciation of the arts and each of us passed it on to our children.

And Dallas parents must feel the same way. At a recent Sunday afternoon performance, the Dallas Music Hall was filled with happy children and adoring parents. Some of the audience even dressed as Tinkerbell and Captain Hook.

Cathy Rigby takes flight in this two-time Emmy Award-winning production, filled with timeless magical moments and a captivating hook. The New York Times says, "Rigby carries off the flights, fights, and acrobatics that make Peter Pan audiences mesmerized."

As I watched the show, I wondered how many millions of zillions of people had seen Cathy as Peter Pan. Surprisingly, my guest had never seen the musical. But I know that now she will take her grandson the first chance she gets.

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