Thursday, April 26, 2012

Horrible Humana Healthcare experience

I just joined Humana and had to switch to their drug by mail fulfillment.
RightSourceRX is impossible.
My first contact was with a rude, untrained employee (even his supervisor agreed when I finally held forever and got to talk to a reasonable person)
I have wasted hours, spent over 100 minutes on the phone to them, and had to drive to Walgreens to get the most urgent one because it could have been 21 more days before I received it by mail.

I am curious if anyone else has been as frustrated with RightSourceRX as I am

April 24

Spent about an hour trying to get status of my order. The man who answered phone insisted I had not signed up for RightSource RX online. He was rude and very unhelpful. He was also WRONG. I had signed up. When I insisted on talking to a supervisor, he was reluctant to get one. He kept coming back on line while I was holding to ask why I had to speak to a supervisor.

When I finally reached the supervisor, he apologized and said the first person was not an internet person. Why didn’t first person tell me that? Why did I have to wait so long and repeat my problem because I reached an untrained person?

They said it could take another two weeks AFTER it was processed. I was very frustrated and it took nearly an hour.

I had to call my doc to get a local pharmacy to fill Accupril.

April 25

I had to check with pharmacy. They had rx. I had to drive over, wait in line, and pay a higher price. But the story gets WORSE .

April 26,2012

I GET an email (first thing that was done correctly) that my order from RightSourceRX was on hold. They already had it for over a week and I have spoken with them. I call RightSourceRX again.

Alex at 12:15

Got a note that my order was on hold. Called rightsource RX. They said they had to talk to doctor. She said they needed instructions on two of the drugs. They could not send the other 7 until they talked to doctor. This is very annoying. I did not get accupril in time so doctor had to call in RX to a pharmacy and I had to go pick it up

I asked if they could ship the ones that were correct. She said she would have to get special permission from their doctor line. I held while she checked. She said she could not call me back or email me. I had to hold. She checked with “doctor line” and they said they had gotten my doctors instructions so they could finally process the order (which they had for 8 days)

Yulanda until 12:46

I asked for a supervisor. Yulanda was polite and tried to help. She just had no authority to do so. Again I had to hold while she checked with some other panel of drug gods. The FINALLY got them to make my order a priority. She said it would get there in about 5 days. Still too long a wait—and this took me three hours, there were 4 phone calls to my doctor and I wasted 100 phone minutes.

Alex suggested I wrote to their Grievance address. I wondered how long it would take them to open my letter. How long it would take them to read it. And then if they would even do anything about it.

Please post if you have had similar problems

.Right SourceRX

Humana inc.

Attention grievence and appeals

p.o. box 14546

Lexington, ky 40512

Thanks for listening to this rant. No one at RightsourceRX did.

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