Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My TV problem is so funny, even the operator laughed when I called in

My new Uverse TV is not working AGAIN I called the tech support number and pushed all the numbered responses when cued.
When I pushed 5 for TV TECH SUPPORT. The recorded voice said, "please hold while I connect you." I held and then got a standard phone message that
this number is not in service"
I called again and kept pushing numbers until I got a HUMAN BEING. I told the operator what had happened and she started laughing histerically.
She said I made her day--it was the funiest thing she ever heard.
I'm glad it amused and entertained her. But I would be much happier if my TV would work again.

Six calls and 2 humans Later, someone was able to walk me through it. There has to be abetter way

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