Monday, February 28, 2011

MANHATTAN MADAM wants to partner with Spitzer


Ex-Madam Kristin Davis, who supplied call girls for Eliot Spitzer, has a message for CNN executives--"I'm available."

CNN dumped Spitzer's co-host Kathleen Parker from the ex-governor's ratings challenged show after reports that Spitzer felt that Parker, rather than his banal analysis of current events, was responsible for dismal ratings.

"Now that Kathleen Parker has learned that Eliot Spitzer is a misogynist pig, perhaps it's time for CNN executives to pair Spitzer with someone who will challenge his sanctimonious know-it-all rants," "I've spent years dealing with Spitzer, I'm quite sure I can handle him" said Davis, who worked as the Vice President of a hedge fund before founding the most successful multi-million dollar escort service in history. "I'm available."

"Eliot Spitzer avoided prosecution for various state and federal crimes while those who committed similar crimes went to prison," said Davis. "More importantly, he has benefited monetarily for those crimes by being paid substantially more by CNN than his salary as governor."

Davis was convicted on one count of promoting prostitution and served four months on Rikers Island. Her probation ended in November of 2010. She recently founded Hope House, a non-profit program to combat sex trafficking and assist women who have been conscripted into a life of prostitution.

"Ms. Parker's contract, which she most likely got paid in full despite her termination, most likely prevents her from telling the truth about the circumstances surrounding her leaving the show," said Davis, who ran for governor in 2010 to protest the inequalities in the justice system, which caused her prosecution while Spitzer went unpunished.

"If CNN really wants someone who will confront Spitzer instead of a lap dog, I'm their woman," said Davis.

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