Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupcakes are out, Muffins are in

Tomorrow morning Central Market will make history again. They have mastered the muffin. Cupcakes will be out and muffins will be in - You heard it here first!

The baking teams at Central Market bakeries are right there in the store, so when a customer has a comment or complaint, they hear it first.

“A common request was for bigger muffins, different varieties of muffins, and especially moister muffins,” says Edouard Damez, Bakery Development Manager for Central Market.

Following months of testing and tasting,Central Market now confidently states, “We’ve mastered the muffin!”

Central Market’s From-Scratch Bakery Launches New Line of 14 Muffins
And not just the old standby blueberry (though it’s been reengineered with more fruit, too.) The new line reads like a Fantasy Team lineup for Foodies:

• Balsamic-Soaked Strawberries with Chevre
• Pecan Sour Cream
• Antioxidant Powerhouse with Acai, Goji, Blackberries and Pomegranate for a healthy power-food kick
• Pear Ginger
• Fig & Star Anise
• White Chocolate Apricot
• Banana Nut Granola
• …and more coming each week

The trick that seems to have made a big difference? Creating a traditional buttermilk batter.

“When you are working with the best-quality fruits, nuts and truly well-trained artisan bakers, it somehow all comes together with hard work,” says Damez.

Launching in stores on Wednesday, February 16, shoppers will find the muffins (wrapped in a delicate Italian-style tulip paper for a beautiful presentation) in the Bakery department available in four packs for $5.99 or individually at $1.99. Look for the following launch week specials February 16 – 23:

• Package of 4 just $3.99
• Mix & Match 2 for $3

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