Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The real Truth about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Tourism Company Corrects Distortions in Recent eTurbo News Article

According to Mario Gonzalez Lafuente, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, A recent article in the online publication eTurbo News concerning travel to Puerto Rico is riddled with inaccuracies, painting a highly distorted picture of the Island’s well-being.

For example, the article suggests that the Island’s economic condition is worsening, as measured by a diminution in the Island’s bond rating. Exactly the opposite is true. The Island is on the rebound. Just a little over a month ago, for the first time in nearly 30 years, Standard & Poor’s upgraded its outlook on Puerto Rico’s credit to positive.

S&P credit analyst Horacio Aldrete-Sanchez stated that “the outlook revision is based on our view of the commonwealth’s recent implementation of significant expenditure controls and revenue enhancement measures that we believe could help restore budget balance within the next two years.” Similarly, the Wall Street Journal recently opined that Gov. Fortuño’s economic program should serve as a role model for other U.S. governors.

The article also misrepresents the crime problem. Crime is a problem in many American locales and across the Caribbean. But Gov. Luis Fortuño, in office for two years, is working to ensure that lawbreakers, whatever their crimes, are punished to the fullest extent under the law.
Indeed, Gov. Fortuño has made crime fighting a major priority of his administration. Under his leadership and with federal support, corrupt police officers have been weeded out of the police force, and joint state and federal strike forces are on the offense in the fight against drug-related violence.

Finally, contrary to the author’s point-of-view, Puerto Rico has been recognized by many leading travel authorities as a premier travel destination. For example, Fodor’s has recognized Puerto Rico as the top travel destination in the Caribbean, while Arthur Frommer’s called Puerto Rico one of the top nightlife destinations in the region. Puerto Rico’s distinction as a leading destination is also confirmed by the number of leading hotel properties, such as the Sheraton Convention Center, the W Retreat and Spa in Vieques, the Condado Lagoon Villas and the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, that have opened in the past 18 months. In addition, the Condado Vanderbilt and the Ritz-Carlton Reserve Dorado Beach Resort & Spa are opening soon.

Puerto Rico faces a bright future, and the article should have reflected that

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