Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How happy is your kitchen?

In Eastern and Oriental traditions, the fourth day of the New Year is a time reserved for cooking a wonderful and festive meal, as well as for acknowledging the kitchen, the one room that nurtures and nourishes us. Many Eastern cultures hold a deep belief that there are spirits in every room of the home.

According to ancient legend, the most influential spirit of any home is thought to reside in the kitchen, so in the cultures that believe such things, they are taught to 'talk' to their kitchens. They will greet their kitchens with a hearty and happy 'good morning' and they'll do whatever it takes to make sure that their kitchen spirits are healthy and happy. The belief goes that if the kitchen is happy, then you will be as well. So be sure to send love to the kitchen as you cook your culinary heart out today.

Also be sure to offer the scents from the fabulous food to the spirits who watch over you and yours. If you want to take this effort a step further you can also affix a small mirror behind or on the backwash of the stove. This appliance is said to be the 'cooker' in the kitchen, the one thing that makes sure that your food sustains and fills you. Placing a mirror in this particular space is said to double the abundance from the cooker and bring you health, happiness and prosperity, three things you'll want seconds and thirds of!
Daily Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst

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JSO Commercial said...

The picture in your blog is a chinese "Lo Pan" which is a Feng Shui compass that records 60 yrs of time. I was given a handcarved
one in China where I studied F.S.
The mirror behind the stove should not cut off your body parts. It primarily is to see your "Enemy approach" depending on kitchen entrance .
Best to have mirror at dinning table to reflect food for double abundance.
Chinese New Year starts Feb 3
It is customary to clean your house before the 15 day celebration, paying attention to doors and windows with a citrus solution of 5 citrus fruits..smells great!
..Hope this helps detail your blog.
Judy S., JSO Commercial Interiors ( Interior Design enhanced by Feng Shui)