Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What is your stomach trying to say to you?

This app listens to what your stomach says and analyses your hunger

For anyone who ever wished they could give a name to the type of hunger they feel, Hungry-Man® now makes it possible with “The Growlator,” the first and only stomach grown translator. Now available as a free download from the iTunes store, this iPhone app was custom made for the male sense of humor. When hunger starts to rear its ugly head, the user simply holds his phone up to his stomach to indentify his growl. The app determines what type of hunger the user has by identifying their stomach growls and translating them into appropriate diagnoses such as "The Jungle Cat."

Additionally, anyone can browse the full library of stomach chatter to find out what their stomach is trying to tell them. The Growlator then suggests which Hungry-Man® dinner will best satisfy them and users can update their friends with their designated growl via Twitter or Facebook. There is also a built in functionality for digital coupons and a store locator that directs users to the closest supermarket.

Hungry-Man® also introduces “Hungry Heroes,” a social media campaign created specifically for its loyal male audience. Through social networking sites and online video, this campaign connects consumers with legends of their own time, who take them on a quest to find the maker of Hungry-Man®. Each historic hero represents a certain type of today’s man and interacts with consumers through contemporary trends. There are two ways to participate: go to or text a unique code, which can be found on any purchased Hungry-Man® box. Consumers can then follow their designated hero on Facebook, Twitter and through YouTube webisodes that show each of the Hungry Heroes’ hilarious and entertaining quests through time to meet the maker of the Hungry-Man® dinner, a question that no one yet knows the answer to.
Participants can look forward to not only humor, but weekly prizes, coupons and more. The founder of the Hungry-Man® dinner will be revealed sometime in November 2010.

In addition to these two initiatives, Hungry-Man® recently introduced a new line of alcohol- infused, pub-style meals called Pub Favorites. Meal options, now nationally available, include Chopped Beef Steak with an Onion Beer Gravy, Beer Battered Chicken and Grilled Bourbon Steak Strip.

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