Monday, November 15, 2010

GET A FREE APP and Will the Real Weather Girl please stand up?

Real Weather Girls, the first App based reality show.

Normally the App retails for a one time fee of $2.99, but it’s free for a limited time.

Real Weather Girls doubles as a fully functioning weather App (complete with up-to-the-minute local, national, and international weather updates, seven day forecasts, and radar maps), while following the lives of 12 fascinating women in 12 different cities. New cities will be formally announced in the next few weeks.

Each Weather Girl shares her thoughts on everything from her personal life, to current events, to featuring new local hotspots or unique finds that makes her particular city remarkable. What’s more, the Girls interact with App users and respond in kind to questions posed to them.

Heading to the UK for the holidays and not sure what to pack? Ask Camilla. Visiting Dallas in the hopes of watching Jason Garrett turn the Cowboys around? It’s not likely, but users can still ask Neill for a hotel recommendation. Going to NYC and want to meet Jordan in person? Send her a note. Heading to Hollywood and need a tip to get past the door guy at hotspot Colony? Colby knows. Planning a visit to Hawaii for the upcoming Triple Crown? Colleen has the scoop. (She designed the poster for the comp.) Simply want to be entertained or take a two minute virtual vacation? Watch one or all 12 videos. Just need the weather quickly? Check the App. The Girls are a veritable mobile global concierge service.

Real Weather Girls has done incredibly well. In just a month, it’s seen over 45,000 downloads and counting! People cannot get enough of these ladies’ stories. The Weather is now a “hot” tech topic!

Real women. Real weather. Real stories. No medium is safe from the power of reality programming!

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