Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Re-entering the cyberworld

I am working in a business center with only one of three computers working--and they are shared by 800 people. And this after 10 ten days of almost no computer access and no cell phone reception.

I felt deaf, blind and dumb.

Yesterday I plunked myself in front of the single working computer and in an act of great selfishness, kept working away. When other people came in, I said--I think the other two are broken--you might want to remind them at the front desk.

I put all my stuff in a shopping cart--water, phone, medicine, notes, press kits, mail, etc. Instead of a bag lady I was a cart lady

In an act of great kindness, my massage therapist is loaning me her laptop. I did not ask. She saw how stressed I was and just offered. That should get me through until my new computer arrives.

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