Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pumpkin Face

By Madelyn Miller

When I think of a pumpkin face I think of a silly face or a scary face. But recently I learned that pumpkin face can be beautiful.

The below at-home pumpkin face mask recipe or a pumpkin scrub recipe, created by beauty expert and author Erika Katz (

Pumpkin Face Mask

2 tsp canned pureed pumpkin
1/2 tsp honey
1/4 tsp heavy whipping cream
Mix all ingredients and apply to
face. Leave on for 10 min and rinse.

Warning! Do not lick your fingers. Or this delicious mask will never make it to your face.

If you do have some left over, pour over ice cream or oatmeal.

This delicious recipe came from Bonding Over Beauty: A Mother-Daughter Beauty Guide to Foster Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust. Created by beauty guru and author of Bonding
Over Beauty Erika Katz (, this mask is full of exfoliating enzymes that brighten the skin so it won’t look too “scary”.

Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, which is very healing to the skin and is essential to maintain and repair skin tissue. It also helps reduce lines and wrinkles. Honey is a humectant. The cream moisturizes and helps flaky skin.

About Erika Katz

A beauty writer and blogger as well as a former child model and actress, Erika Katz has been a beauty junkie nearly all her life. Using her experience from her days working in the beauty department at Seventeen, cosmetology classes and lessons learned through her extensive work in television and modeling, Erika created a beauty guide that served as the foundation for Bonding Over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust.

Madelyn Miller is a travel and food writer who loves pumpkin. Read her stories on,,,,, and

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