Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not exactly an eggstra special day..


Friday the 13th came late for me. Friday night I went to my usual restorative yoga class. Only they were holding a special seminar with an instructor named Eagle from Kuai. It sounded too challenging for me.

Friday, January 14

I woke up and drove to my dressmaker who lives 25 miles away. Only I forgot the bag that had the things I needed her to fix.

Stopped at grocery store. I asked the cashier to put cold things together in bags that were not too heavy.

But she put the eggs at the bottom of one of the bags. She put things like grapes on top of the eggs.

When I got home I got a cart to bring things up to my loft.I had a lot stuff to bring up—errands from Walmart in addition to shopping. I filled it to overflowing.

I took the groceries in first. When I opened the last bag—surprize! The eggs were broken and dripping all over. I left everything else in the cart outside my door. When I went outside, someone had moved the car to the elevator. With all my stuff in it!

So all I saw was the cart was gone..and I thought so was all of my stuff.

When I went to the elevator to tell the concierge was had happened, a neighbor saw me and said “isn’t this your cart. We had talked earlier. She was as surprised as I was to see the cart with all my stuff at the elevator.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

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