Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why I love Sunday School

There is not much that makes me want to get up on a Sunday morning. Sunday is usually a lazy catch up day.

But last Sunday a friend invited me to Sunday School at the ZAZA. This is not a religious experience--it is a wild and wacky brunch where waitresses dance on tables with sparklers in their hands.

Funky glasses and other unconventional attire set the wait staff apart. They will serve you mimosas the minute you sit down (and the orange juice seems freshy squeezed.

There is a choice of several creative breakfast dishes--including a lobster fritata, a steak omelette,and more. But the real reason to wake up on Sunday morning is to dine, dance, drink, and enjoy the debauchery.

Diners get involved in the party atmosphere and are given trinkets gifts like lite up bling rings.

All this fun only happens once a month--usually the third Sunday of the month

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