Thursday, November 03, 2005


When I got a degree in journalism, I never thought people would fly me to Zurich business class just so I could eat chocolate. But Lindt actually did that. I joined about a dozen other lucky chocolate writes who were wined, dined and fed the best chocolate treats in the world. They also sent us home with an enourmous supply of goodies.
They were nice enough to ship mine home since I was traveling on for another month.

All in all, I spent 35 days in 18 different hotels and changed trains about 24 times.

It was wonderful, but with my bad back, it got more and more difficult each day as people gave me more and more goodies. Really good goodies like wine, and books and then some propoganda.
I estimated that I got five pounds a day.
That doesn't sound like too much until you multiply it by 35.
Do the math.

The last week of the trip was at Romantik HOtels in Germany and France. We ate in several Michlein star restaurants.

The most amazing thing of all was I did not gain any weight.
In fact, people keep telling me I look thinner.

Maybe chocolate and wine really are good for you.

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